Governance and structure of HDPO

The organization has different structures where the decision and the management process goes through board of directors committee. This is the key body which provides support to the organization in terms of; interventions, review and approve changes for new interventions, annual budgets and expanding towards new humanitarian intervention as proposed by the management.

The CEO guide and support the different country directors in their country level program and provide the advice that helps in integrating the organization’s efforts to the broader humanitarian community initiatives.

At the program level, HDPO program coordinators and Head of Offices work in consultative approaches in designing the programs that support the value of the organization and maintain the overall humanitarian response and partnership within countries where HDPO operates.

At the operational level, HDPO set up different policies which guards and serve the accountability in all the above mentioned governing channels and this extend downward to the beneficiaries HDPO work for. Therefore Humanitarian Accountability Framework (HAF), accountability to affected population and others humanitarian accountability related charters remains the core commitment for HDPO in all its works.

The Board Directors (BDs) hereby signed this document and it will remain a committed document as they lead the organization in its journey to support the affected and most vulnerable population elsewhere.




Name of members




Salih Adam kheiralla

Chairperson Board of Directors

Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Ishag Abdelrahman



Mr. Omer Ahmed Ibrahim


Business man

Mr. Adam Ishag Eltayeb


Civil Engineer

Mr. Abdallah Bacher Adam


 Professional Public Health

Mr. Ahmed Idries

Ex Director

Professional Public Health

Mohammed Ishag now Country Director in Sudan